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Kirsten Maiwald
Inspired By Optimism

A picture of me.

My artistic journey truly began when I attended the University of North Texas with the intention of majoring in Graphic Design. I liked Graphic Design, but it was lacking something that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Then during my third year in college, I had a life changing experience! I began working with young students in an after school program in the city of Denton. I was in heaven, the energy of young souls, the curiosity and willingness to try new things made me feel an excitement I didn't feel while sitting in my studio pushing a pencil around. Part of my job description was to develop art experiences for these lively young spirits. It was invigorating, exciting and made me feel alive in a way that fed my soul. That experience opened up a whole new world and made me realize the power art can have on young people, their lives and the betterment of the community. I changed my major to Art Education and spent 3 decades teaching in the North Texas community of Haltom City. My adult life has been dedicated to bringing joy, acceptance and personal growth to young people through the power of art making. As a teacher and an artist, my life’s work is, and will always be, about bringing hope to people and the community through the visual arts. 

Inspired By Optimism has been founded based on my optimistic belief that art can have a positive impact on the way in which we live our lives. As a lifelong learner, I am constantly looking for opportunities to grow as a teacher, an artist and an individual. I have a passion for partnering with organizations that promote the visual arts through community projects and outreach. I look forward to inviting people of all ages to be a part of my experiences as an artist in North Texas.  My vision is to help people continue to grow as strong, productive and creative individuals who are excited about contributing to their community. 


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