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Embracing a New Challenge: Leading the Color Guard in Mobile Mural Creation


When the Color Guard coach approached me with the idea for a mobile mural, I was immediately intrigued and eager to jump on board. It was the Fall semester of 2021 and I was retiring in May 2022 after teaching art for 30 years. Having completed dozens of murals throughout my career, I welcomed the opportunity to embark on a new creative endeavor, especially one with such unique parameters. While I had prior experience in mural painting, the prospect of working with a group of students whom I didn't have a personal relationship with and who weren't "artists" in the traditional sense was both exciting and slightly daunting. However, I was confident in our collective ability to bring the coach's vision to life, transforming it from a mere concept into a tangible work of art.

Despite the challenges posed by the unfamiliarity of the situation, I approached the project with enthusiasm and a determination to succeed. I viewed it as an opportunity to share my passion for art and mentorship with a new group of individuals, guiding them through the creative process and empowering them to unleash their artistic potential. While they may not have considered themselves artists initially, I believed that with the right guidance and encouragement, they were more than capable of contributing to the project in meaningful ways.

In the end, the mobile mural surpassed our expectations, serving as a visual representation of collaboration, creativity, and the power of teamwork. Although it was intended to be disposable, the mural took on a life of it's own. It ended up being installed in the schools entry and is a permanent testament to the transformative potential of art to bring people together, regardless of their background or previous experience. As I reflect on the journey we had undertaken, I can't help but feel a sense of pride and fulfillment in what we accomplished together. The experience reaffirmed my belief in the limitless possibilities of artistic expression and the profound impact it can have on individuals and communities alike.

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